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If you’re always on the lookout for a new and exciting story, you’ve come to the right place.

The Story Book

Gambling on hope, Evil Eddie and his bad guy friends, feed the hungry slot machines in a small town casino. Work for them is borrowing money by day and gambling by night. A sad story for a bunch of no-good-nicks, but that's all they have is hope... Hope of winning a "Big Jackpot" at the Casino.

Fast forward to the year 2050! The casino has been torn down to make room for a Supermall. Not just any Supermall, but one with a very special wishing well. A wishing well filled with magic coins! The Supermall is owned and operated by the dynamic Miss Kelly Kelly who has one very special employee, an alien, with superhero powers! But this Superhero is different. Although he has a cape, he doesn't have a secret identity. He willingly uses his super powers at his job as the "handy, but sometimes clumsy" alien in the mall. One of his jobs involves granting wishes and cleaning the wishing well, which is full of magic coins. His name is Hoodoo.

One day, while showing the wishing well to local radio announcer, Jack Stumbleberry, Hoodoo accidentally gets sucked down the drain. The drain is a time portal, and Hoodoo is hurled through it. He travels back in time and lands in the casino dripping with water and magic coins.

Evil Eddie claims the magic coins as his winnings from the slot machine and tells Hoodoo he won them fair and square. Then with the help of his henchmen, Eddie locks Hoodoo in a big freezer to keep him quiet and out of sight.

Now that Hoodoo is out of the picture, Evil Eddie uses the power of the magic coins to take control of the town...

Physical Book Price in Canadian Currency (CAD)


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