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How       oodoo Came To Be



It was 34 years ago when I started the Hoodoo project. Why did it take me so long to complete it? Well, simply, life got in the way... But, here I am today, delighted to finally bring to you my creation. As a working bartender for the last 45 years, I've seen it all... Most of my stories have been centered around the guests I've served over the years. Hooray For Hoodoo came about while I was living in a barn. Yes, it was a barn that housed chickens and horses, and later on, me. For some reason, I got into origami back in 1988 and couldn't stop creating 3D paper art. I wasn’t very good at origami, so from there, I started sculpting Papier-mâché characters which I had a better knack at.


The next thing I knew, I was writing a script for an audio play. I held auditions in the barn from hand-picked customers I served at the bar, offering beer & pizza as an incentive for showing up to audition.  After selecting the cast,  with my main scriptwriter, John Curtis,  I set up a makeshift recording studio in the loft of the barn with sound engineer, Ken Schultz – he had "big ears" let me tell ya... Once we were set up and ready to go, the loft in the barn was where the magic happened! Check out the full ebook, and audiobook story on my home page. Also, visit my YouTube channel BarTalk&Cocktails  for some great cocktail recipes and a whole lot of fun...



B.P. Graff

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