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Animated characters take the stage in the exciting Audiobook Hooray For Hoodoo. Unlike the physical book or ebook version, the audiobook comes alive in full production with animated character voices, music, and SFXs. You’ll be transported with Hoodoo and the gang to the future, past, and beyond...

The action never stops as Evil Eddie takes control over a small town. Life for the citizens there is nothing but pandemonium. With the power of some magic coins that Eddie stole from a casino, he can make any wish come true. He becomes mayor of the town and his henchmen are now chief of police and warden at the county jail. He turns the casino into a sleazy nightclub and throws the children of the town in jail. Who can stop him? Enter, stage left, the fearless Hoodoo, that's who!

The Audiobook

GST/HST Included
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